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All You Need To Know About Vancouver BC Canada

Vancouver is an expensive city located in Canada. Vancouver city has almost 2.3 million residents living there. The city has eight largest numbers in population among Canadian cities. It has approximately 640,000 people living in it is great place to do business. Vancouver is the third most crowded urban area. It has most population in Western Canada. Vancouver weather is warmest. The summers are usually hot and arid. July and August are generally most hot climates. But in winters rainfalls are often which make weather.

Vancouver is very beautiful city and also the livable city that’s why it has a great number of population. Vancouver is also very expensive cities among other Canadian cities. Vancouver CAThe land in Vancouver also has very expensive land, and it has been ranked as 6th costly real estate in the world. If you are planning to stay permanent in the city of Vancouver, you most have a heavy budget for it to live a luxurious life.

The city has fully planned designed.There is very high rise residential towers in a city and the government instructions are to leave open spaces for the greenery in each residential building. This beautiful and environment-friendly environment leads to recognized the city as livable and highly standardized.

The architecture of the city is eye catching. The Vancouver BC Canada Art Gallery was wonderful its build in 1906.There are also many modern buildings are in the city including Robson Square, Harbour Center, Vancouver Library Square and Woodward’s building. Vancouver is also called as “city of neighborhoods”, each with a different character and cultural blend. People of English, Scottish, and Irish beginning were traditionally the largest cultural groups in the city. Fundamentals of British and Irish civilization and culture are still noticeable in some areas. Germans are the next-largest European cultural group in Vancouver and were a foremost power in the city’s culture and wealth until the increase of anti-German emotion with the rash of World War I in 1914.

But now the Chinese are the largest noticeable cultural group in the city, with a various Chinese-speaking society both in Vancouver and Richmond, and numerous languages. There are also different commercial areas of different culture including Chinatown, Punjabi Market, Little Italy, Greek town and Japan town.

The immigration also increases dramatically from the 1980s. Many of immigrants from different countries are living in the city of Vancouver. Many people have their different languages like 52% people don’t speak English as their first language, 30% of the city is covered by Chinese. Vancouver’s economy is largely contributed to Canada’s income. It is the largest industrial area. This does more than 75 dollar billion trade with almost 130 countries.

Vancouver BC Canada is also the head office of mining companies. In current years, Vancouver has become an ever more important center for software development, development of video game, animation studios and a lively film industry. Art and culture are very much promoting the city. The most famous festival is the Vancouver International Film Festival which was held in September, and it lasts for two weeks.